To create relationships that are managed with integrity, trust, and respect.  Whether it is product, investment, or logistic support that is required by our partners, Triple 888 will add value by facilitating solutions.

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Our business philosophy is simple.


We work to understand what the customer wants - we work with producers to tailor products to their needs - then we find a way to get the products to them.


We are committed to developing successful, long term relationships with both producers and customers

The Triple 888 way!


And we haven't forgotten the most important fact

Business is About People!

David P Ricciuti

CEO & Founder


David Ricciuti is one of the founders and CEO of Triple 888 Agri-Product Services.  He was born, and continues to live in Canada – a country that he loves.  David comes from Italian decent so it’s no wonder that he was attracted to the food industry.


In his 30 year career, David has owned or operated food distribution companies, food manufacturing companies, and worked for a number of years with an innovative grocery retailer on the West Coast.  His last venture involved importing unique food products that were sold through retail channels.  He also ran an import company that distributed packaging supplies from the Far East.  These materials were used by farmers and growers to preserve the integrity of their product throughout the supply chain.  They allowed the grower’s fragile and perishable output to be showcased to customers in the best possible condition.   David was impressed by the care, attention, and pride that these growers put into each case of fresh product.  The relationships he built with growers created a lasting impression.  He realized that they were honest, hard-working, dedicated business people who got little appreciation for their efforts from the average consumer.


David’s core belief is that, as a producing nation, Canada has not maximized its’ capabilities and knowledge base.  Realizing that Canada’s domestic demand for agricultural products is small in comparison to its’ capacity, David has dedicated himself to open new markets for Canadian producers.

Valerie Fitzpatrick

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


Valerie Fitzpatrick is the co-founder and managing partner of Triple 888 Agri-Product Services.  She was born in the Peace River district, a farming region in Northern Canada. Living 50 miles from the nearest small town, Valerie learned the love of the land and appreciate the challenges and sacrifices that farmer’s face every day.


Valerie co-founded SVR, a purebred Polled Hereford ranch in the early 1990’s.  She was involved with the daily management of 350 breeding cows and over 3000 acres of cultivated forage, grain and pasture land.  SVR was an exporter of livestock, semen and embryos to the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.  Valerie actively promoted the Polled Hereford breed locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.  She served several terms on both the local and provincial Hereford Associations. Through her involvement in the cattle industry, Valerie came to understand the difficulties encountered by small family farms.  She realized that their survival was dependent on these farms working together in order to brand and promote their products on a wider scale. She recognized the necessity for each sector of the agriculture industry to reach a broader market.


Canada’s large agricultural production capacity, but limited population, presents a unique opportunity for the global market.  Valerie is dedicated to helping growers of all agricultural products access additional markets, whether internationally or domestically.



Dale Gann

Managing Partner


Dale Gann has never accepted limitations.  As a young adult, he made up his mind to visit Hawaii in a sailboat.  A short time later Dale and a friend set sail, unsure of what to expect.  In a small 21 foot craft, they not only reached Hawaii, but made the return trip home in less than three months. This is just an example of an individual who is willing to work through challenges.


Living on the West Coast of Canada, Dale has always had a deep respect for the sea.  Along the way, he had developed a passion for seafood and bounty that the ocean could provide.  This lead to work in the commercial fishing industry, where Dale learned everything there was to know about the harvesting of salmon, prawns, oysters, and ocean raised products.


Almost by accident, Dale was exposed to the world of venture capitalism later in his career.  He found this field exciting and marveled at the potential opportunities that he was continually presented.  He was intrigued by the innovation and ideas that individuals were anxious to explore - even in traditional industries.


Through this work Dale has been recognized for building relationships with industry, academia, government and media. He has achieved significant success in public relations campaigns and economic development initiatives. His trade missions to China, Japan, Korea, and Singapore have resulted in strong economic, cultural, and personal ties with our neighbors across the ocean.  Dale would like to utilize these relationships to better serve the hardworking producers of Canada.


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